Derksen Mechanical Services, in partnership with Wolseley Canada’s Winnipeg division, was pleased to be part of the Gifts of Grace Street Mission’s one-year celebration on July 11. Providing our support was more than just in the form of sandwiches and hot dogs, coleslaw and desserts – it was a renewed show of dedication to a grass roots Winnipeg cause that provides meals, year round, to those less fortunate in our city.

To learn more about Gifts of Grace Street Mission, visit their Facebook page at or their website at

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At DMS, we are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all of our employees, which is why we are so excited to announce that we have reached a milestone. DMS has recently achieved 1 million manhours without a lost time injury from January 1, 2011 to March 31, 2013!

Everyone plays an important role in workplace safety, and we are proud to recognize our employees commitment and dedication to reaching this record-breaking milestone.

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We are pleased to announce our participation in the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba’s Memory Walk on June 13th this year! Our team DMS Industrials consists of Derksen Mechanical, AJP Engineering, Canadian Quality Inspections staff and their families.

The walk will begin at The Forks and will consist of two paths walkers can choose from, a 3.5 km and 5.5 km route, ending at the Scotiabank Stage for a brand new entertainment segment of the event. Folk Roots band The Sturgeons and local Singer/Songwriter Katie Murphy will take the stage in celebration of what will be a successful and fulfilling walk!

Visit the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba’s page to learn more on how you can participate in the Memory Walk.

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DMS along with The Derksen Group is proud to be involved once again as Event Sponsor for the 2013 Alzheimer’s Gala “A Night to Remember in Africa”, to be held February 7 at the Winnipeg Convention Centre.

For more information on tickets or click here.

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Summer has arrived in Winnipeg!  It is hard to believe the Fishing Derby was a few weeks ago!  Here are the highlights.

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GE Aviation Engine Testing and Research Development Centre Officially Opened for Operation

The GE Aviation Engine Testing and Research Development Centre officially opened its doors yesterday for full operation. Located in the northwest quadrant of Winnipeg’s new Richardson International Airport, the centre will be able to offer a full range of engine certification testing, including those related to cold weather and ice crystals. The design and technical capabilities of the $50 million center makes the facility a one of a kind operation. The centre will be operated by Standard Aero, the Winnipeg based gas-turbine engine repair company.

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Hot103 Live Morning Show – 3 years in a row!

Once again, the Derksen Group of Companies, including DMS won the bid at Alzheimer’s Gala to have the Hot103 host their morning show from our office. The proceeds from the bid went to a great cause. The Derksen Group also raised $6,200 for Koats for Kids.

A a hot breakfast fundraiser was also held in the morning to collect food items for Siloam Mission.

What a fun and fanstic day! Thanks to everyone for their support.

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DMS valve repair technicians are well trained, experienced and approved to work in their specific field. Familiar with codes and regulations that govern valve inspections and repair, they are professionals at what they do. As with all DMS personnel, they strive to not only meet, but exceed, the expectations of our customers.

In order to provide our customers with the very best in valve repair service, DMS has both in-house and mobile facilities available for our valve repair experts. The in-house facilities are clean and well controlled. The mobile repair trailer is the perfect setup for those fast turn-around times. Travel time between the site and repair facilities is eliminated for improved efficiency.

Safety relief valves, control valves, manual valves and steam traps can all be tested and repaired by our great team of technicians. Full inspection reports are provided for all valves; these include complete lists of all the repairs that were completed. Valves are retagged and recommendations for future testing are made to the client.

Just as with all DMS services, our valve repair services are client driven. It is your standards of high quality performance that keep us focused on delivering excellence in all that we do.

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There is nothing more key to a successful turnaround than the planning and development of the schedule. A detailed schedule with clearly identified milestones, that are fully understood by all members of the turnaround team, is the first step in achieving success.

Clear communication among team members during this planning process keeps details from being overlooked and assures that all the team members understand where they fit into each step in the plan. As milestones are created, the importance of compliance to these milestones on the timeline must be stressed and the negative impact of noncompliance assessed and documented.

Because of this, DMS has always participated as an active team member in the planning and schedule creation for planned turnarounds. Each plant is unique, and creating a schedule that is specific to the equipment, layout and turnaround teams involved, takes a coordinated effort. A detailed schedule with realistic milestones has an impact on much more than the the timeline. A properly planned turnaround schedule will also keep costs under control and maintain safety standards, which is always a top priority for DMS.

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As a COR certified contractor, DMS takes safety management seriously. Our safety program is our top priority, because the human cost of worksite safety issues is incalculable, in our mind.

Creating a safety program for your company is only the beginning of successfully managing job site safety. Just like the management of a successful STO plan, steps needed to be taken to implement the plan and measure the effectiveness of that plan.

Training and education, regarding safe work practices, has been the first step in the implementation of our safety program. The second step, that goes hand-in-hand with this first step, is the provision of personal protection equipment and the required use of that equipment. Keeping emergency safety and first aid supplies and equipment up to date and accessible is another important part of carrying out our safety program.

Preventative maintenance and safety inspections are scheduled to make sure that working conditions that were safe, remain safe. When an accident or injury does occur, an investigation of the incident is required so that we can learn the cause and improve our preventative measures. Again, just as with the management of a STO plan, careful record keeping is done, so that we can evaluate our safety performance and continue to improve upon our methods.

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