On November 22, Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak (MKO) in collaboration with Live Different and other partners held a youth presentation at the Southeast Collegiate in Winnipeg to announce the Youth Empowerment Ice Road Tour (YEIRT). YEIRT is a project delivered by Live Different, a non-profit organization inspiring youth to live lives of compassion and service. In January, the organization will travel to 13 remote and isolated First Nations in northern Manitoba to deliver life altering programming to Indigenous youth. INAC is supporting the project by providing $107,000 in funding under the New Paths for Education program.

Partners of the Youth Empowerment Ice Road Tour at the launch event.

Partners of the Youth Empowerment Ice Road Tour at the launch event. (Left to right: Brad Mason, The Samantha Mason Foundation/DMS Industrial Constructors Inc., Grand Chief Sheila North Wilson, MKO and Derek Bradley, INAC).

Students at Southeast Collegiate watch the presentation by Live Different. The same presentation will tour its way through northern Manitoban First Nation schools during the Youth Empowerment Ice Road Tour in early 2017.

Students at Southeast Collegiate watch the presentation by Live Different. The same presentation will tour its way through northern Manitoban First Nation schools during the Youth Empowerment Ice Road Tour in early 2017.

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Any company can proclaim a commitment to providing a safe work environment for their employees and contractors. At DMS, we put verifiable actions behind our words.We take the necessary and precautionary procedures to ensure quality assurance, and as mentioned in a previous blog, to ensure the project is completed right the first time.

Our participation in COR and ISNetworld are just two examples of many, of the ways we demonstrate our commitment to safety. AJP Engineering is a sister company and our engineers have to be registered and licensed professionals. CQI Inspections is also a sister company and our inspectors have specialized training to ensure that regulatory requirements and related standards are met.

Through ISN, our company safety policies and reporting are kept up to date and available for review by our clients. In addition to the online database, ISN’s Review and Verification Services provide expert evaluation of our company’s health and safety records to verify their accuracy and validity. The health and safety records of our company are something we are proud of. We don’t hesitate to make them available for review through ISNetwork.

The Construction Safety Association of Manitoba (CSAM) provides oversight to the Certificate of Recognition program or COR. DMS has fulfilled all the requirements to receive and maintain their COR Certificate and Letter of Good Standing. This achievement requires ongoing audits of our safety program. These audits assure that the program we have outlined in our safety manual is also being implemented and enforced. For a full review of what it means to be COR Certified, you can visit their website at www.constructionsafety.ca/

Safety isn’t just something we talk about at DMS; it is a big part of who we are.

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AJP Engineering is a regional leader in welding engineering services and consulting engineering firm part of the Derksen Group of companies and part of our suite of services available to our clients.

AJP Engineering will help provide practical hands-on engineering solutions and related design services for structural, pressure, manufacturing and repair applications.

If you’re involved in the welding industry at all, we hope that you have connected with the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) and benefited from their work. The CWB helps keep every Canadian safe by serving and improving each aspect of the welding industry.

The CWB works to qualify welders, Welding Engineers, welding procedures, companies that use welding operations, certified inspectors, and welding supervisors, ensuring that they receive high levels of training to achieve competency in all their future work.

Formed in 1947 to administer the original welding standard for structural steel, the CWB now enjoys a much expanded scope. The organization is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada as a national certification body, and administers the following CSA Standards: W47.1, W47.2, W55.3, W186, W178.1, and W48.

Via the CWB Learning Centre, the group also provides comprehensive training courses and products for many different customers. They train Welding Supervisors, ensuring that qualified welders and welding operators are working in accordance with approved procedures. They certify Welding Inspectors, who help the fabrication industry avoid repairs and costly project delays.

They provide a public forum for certified welders to exchange information, share resources, and hold everyone in the profession to the same high standards. They ensure that Welding Engineers apply the CSA Standards for welding design and best practices. And they help Canadian companies control welding operations in the field by qualifying Welding Supervisors.

AJP Engineering have registered and licensed professional engineers on staff working to ensure reliability and high levels of competency are achieve in each and every project.

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Over the years, CQI has also been involved with inspection projects throughout major regions of the world.

CQI provides a very wide variety of inspection and certified services. All of these services are designed to ensure that regulatory requirements and related standards, are met if not exceeded at all times.

These services are based on proven methods, which in turn reflect contemporary testing technologies. CQI also relies upon the knowledgeable judgment and expertise of its specialized personnel, which in many cases has been developed over decades of service.

Our services are also supported by a complete engineering department that allows us to propose repair solutions to deficiencies and provide design criteria if required.

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Do you have an upcoming construction project or will be going through a plant relocation?

DMS Industrial Constructors can assist with all of your mechanical requirements and projects, providing best value at a competitive price. Through vertical integration DMS Industrial Constructors can offer a wide array of industrial mechanical services. Continue reading

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DMS Industrial Constructors strives to maintain its position as a leading Industrial mechanical contractor by providing quality products and services that meet or exceed our client’s expectations, and as such we:

  • Promote a dynamic quality improvement program based on total quality control and total quality management. This program is recognized and supported by each employee within the company.
  • Design, fabricate and deliver  products of a consistently high quality that will perform as expected. These products comply with the highest level of regulatory and statutory code requirements.
  • Maintain service quality in an economical and expeditious manner with emphasis on client satisfaction.
  • Prevent defects through continual training, with emphasis on quality improvement and a “DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME” approach. Open communication with all employees in areas of product improvement and performance integrity is key.
  • Consistently perform value-added work to fully satisfy the needs of the client.

We recognize that client satisfaction is fundamental to the company’s long-term development. This is achieved through the efforts of each and every DMS employee, in conjunction with supportive participation from all levels of management. We are committed to the above philosophy and objectives and seek to continually improve all aspects of our business processes and quality management systems.

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Breakdowns won’t happen everyday but they will occur.  The next time you have something breakdown, consider using the DMS Industrial Constructors maintenance services.

When something breaks down your in-house maintenance guys will get it up and running as fast as they can, right?

Of course they will, but the true cost of a breakdown is not just the price of the repair, or even the lost productivity.  Frequent breakdowns give your employees and customers the idea that your company “just doesn’t care” about important things, like investing in preventive maintenance.  This frustration can eat away at the bottom line faster than most people realize. Continue reading

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In order to better serve the needs of our clients, DMS owns and operates a 35,000 square foot fabrication facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Through the implementation of cutting edge equipment and best practices technology, we provide value added products of the highest quality, both on time and on budget.

The following is an example of the products we offer through our fabrication facility:

  • Pipe Spools
  • Skids and Modular Units
  • Tanks and Bins
  • Lifting Structures (jib cranes, crane rails, runways)
  • Equipment (stationary and robotic)
  • Structural Steel (platforms, supports, etc)
  • Conveyance Systems (custom)
  • Precision Machining

DMS offers a full range of in-house mechanical and structural design/engineering services should you require them.  Call us today at (204) 668-4460, or with an online message.

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At DMS, we are dedicated to protecting the safety and well-being of all, by conducting every aspect of our business in a safe manner, consistent with our corporate values.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of the company. The efforts of the DMS, and the focus on safety during our shutdown made this one of the smoothest shutdowns I’ve experienced here, or at my previous employers. From the pre-shutdown preparation efforts (contractor orientations, outlining the Griffin expectation), right through day to day work and closing up the projects I cannot think of a single thing that I would rather you or your people had done differently.

Nathan Rasmussen, Environmental, Safety, and Health Supervisor, Griffin Wheel Company – Winnipeg

We continually strive to adopt a proactive approach to safety by incorporating best practices and constant improvement through both internal measurement and external benchmarking.

DMS is dedicated to protecting and preserving the environment in which we operate by conducting all aspects of our business in an environmentally responsible manner- we are very proud of our safety achievements.

As members of IS Networld and National COR Standards, we are continually striving to refine and improve upon our success.

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