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Maintenance Plans with DMS Industrial Constructors

Breakdowns won’t happen everyday but they will occur.  The next time you have something breakdown, consider using the DMS Industrial Constructors maintenance services.

When something breaks down your in-house maintenance guys will get it up and running as fast as they can, right?

Of course they will, but the true cost of a breakdown is not just the price of the repair, or even the lost productivity.  Frequent breakdowns give your employees and customers the idea that your company “just doesn’t care” about important things, like investing in preventive maintenance.  This frustration can eat away at the bottom line faster than most people realize.

Derksen Mechanical Services helps some of Western Canada’s largest companies avoid lost production time by performing regular inspections, preventive maintenance (including periodic “shut down” operations), and emergency repairs. We also provide support to and augment in-house maintenance staff.

Scheduled Maintenance Shutdowns
We’ve been involved in annual maintenance turn-around scenarios for many companies, including Husky Oil, Koch Fertilizer, and Canexus (Nexen Chemical).  We’re involved in all stages of the process, work diligently to plan, execute, and report regularly to ensure that costs (time and money) are managed effectively.

Our certified inspectors can help you ensure the smooth and safe operation of important components like pressure vessels, pressure valves, cranes, crane rails and hoisting equipment. We’ll help you stay abreast of code changes and keep your facility compliant and safe.

Breakdowns happen, and when they do, we’ll be there.  DMS Industrial has access to professionals across the trades, and can deploy the right people in a timely fashion, reducing downtime in increasing confidence in your operation.

Learn more about DMS Industrial Constructors maintenance services.  To start a conversation about the services we can offer you to help reduce the headache of maintenance; improve turn-around time, and safety for your operation, contact us online or by telephone at our Winnipeg or Regina offices.

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