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Quality Assurance with DMS

DMS Industrial Constructors strives to maintain its position as a leading Industrial mechanical contractor by providing quality products and services that meet or exceed our client’s expectations, and as such we:

  • Promote a dynamic quality improvement program based on total quality control and total quality management. This program is recognized and supported by each employee within the company.
  • Design, fabricate and deliver  products of a consistently high quality that will perform as expected. These products comply with the highest level of regulatory and statutory code requirements.
  • Maintain service quality in an economical and expeditious manner with emphasis on client satisfaction.
  • Prevent defects through continual training, with emphasis on quality improvement and a “DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME” approach. Open communication with all employees in areas of product improvement and performance integrity is key.
  • Consistently perform value-added work to fully satisfy the needs of the client.

We recognize that client satisfaction is fundamental to the company’s long-term development. This is achieved through the efforts of each and every DMS employee, in conjunction with supportive participation from all levels of management. We are committed to the above philosophy and objectives and seek to continually improve all aspects of our business processes and quality management systems.

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