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We Strive to be THE leader in safety performance

Any company can proclaim a commitment to providing a safe work environment for their employees and contractors. At DMS, we put verifiable actions behind our words.We take the necessary and precautionary procedures to ensure quality assurance, and as mentioned in a previous blog, to ensure the project is completed right the first time.

Our participation in COR and ISNetworld are just two examples of many, of the ways we demonstrate our commitment to safety. AJP Engineering is a sister company and our engineers have to be registered and licensed professionals. CQI Inspections is also a sister company and our inspectors have specialized training to ensure that regulatory requirements and related standards are met.

Through ISN, our company safety policies and reporting are kept up to date and available for review by our clients. In addition to the online database, ISN’s Review and Verification Services provide expert evaluation of our company’s health and safety records to verify their accuracy and validity. The health and safety records of our company are something we are proud of. We don’t hesitate to make them available for review through ISNetwork.

The Construction Safety Association of Manitoba (CSAM) provides oversight to the Certificate of Recognition program or COR. DMS has fulfilled all the requirements to receive and maintain their COR Certificate and Letter of Good Standing. This achievement requires ongoing audits of our safety program. These audits assure that the program we have outlined in our safety manual is also being implemented and enforced. For a full review of what it means to be COR Certified, you can visit their website at www.constructionsafety.ca/

Safety isn’t just something we talk about at DMS; it is a big part of who we are.

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