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DMS Industrial Constructors Inc.

Guided by Firmly Held Values

Uncompromising integrity and commitment to safety, health and well being is central to everything we do at DMS.

We value excellence and efficient management of resources, making our standards high. We continually innovate and improve through effective benchmarking and best practices.

We value people, and are fully aware that we will succeed only if the people we work with are allowed to use their skills effectively and creatively – at the same time supporting the corporate vision and values of our organization, our clients and our alliance partners

We value a fair return for our clients and for ourselves, and strive to provide value without compromising safety or quality and we expect the value we deliver to be rewarded fairly.

We value quality of life and strive to integrate local and global perspectives into every project.

We value challenge, accomplishment and the satisfaction of knowing we’ve met or exceeded expectations – especially our own.


DMS Industrial Constructors is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 certified.


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