Koch Fertilizer
Carbamate Stripper Repair

Scope Of Work

Mechanical Installations, Structural Steel, Industrial Electrical, Industrial Engineering, Procurement

Project Managers

Rick Delaurier, Corey McNabb

  • Location Brandon, Manitoba

  • Completion Date 2012

  • Project Value 2 million


Koch Fertilizer Canada is located in Brandon MB. DMS had been asked to provide their expertise in aiding Koch to remove the Carbamate Stripper for repair. It was decided that the repair of the vessel was to take place where it was originally fabricated in Milan, Italy.

Project Details

Carbamate Stripper Repair

DMS was involved from all aspects of the execution from engineering the lifts, to engineering the saddle which the vessel was transported in, to procuring a leased Boeing 747 for freighting the unit.

In execution, all piping had to be disconnected, all electrical and instrumentation was also removed. The Boilermakers then proceeded to remove the vessel from its structure. The unit was placed in the transport saddle and placed on a truck to Winnipeg International Airport. It was then loaded onto the 747 and flown to Milan, Italy for repair. Once repaired, the vessel was flown back to Winnipeg, taken off the plane and trucked back into Brandon, where the vessel was reinstalled. 


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