Koch Fertilizer - 101-J
Steam Turbine Installation & Housing

Scope Of Work

Mechanical Installations, Fabrication, Structural Steel

Project Managers

Ryan Mushumanski

  • Location Brandon, Manitoba

  • Completion Date 2014

  • Project Value 8 Million


DMS worked with Koch Fertilizer in 2017 to execute piping fabrication and mechanical equipment installation of a Steam Turbine driven compressor. In addition, DMS constructed the entire enclosure within the existing ammonia plant premises.

Project Details

Equipment Installation, Piping Fabrication and Installation

Full scope of work includes; supply of all detailing, supervision, labour, materials, tools, rentals, sampling, testing and inspection, and regulatory registration
Installation of mechanical equipment, piping and in-line instruments for the new 101-J Process Air Compressor Facility.

Structural Steel and Building

Full scope of work includes, but not limited to; Structural Steel shop drawings
Supply of structural steel, cladding material, manpower, fabrication, field installation, scaffold supply, installation, painting, testing for 101J Main Air Compressor Building, Structural Steel for new Pipe Racks/ Supports, new Cable Tray Supports within existing Ammonia plant premises at Koch Brandon Facility.

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