Griffin Wheel
Fire Restoration Project

Scope Of Work

General Contractor, Mechanical Installations, Fabrication, Structural Steel, Electrical

Project Managers

Corey McNabb, Brady Eyolfson

  • Location Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • Completion Date 2015

  • Project Value 21 Million


DMS completed this project as the General Contractor, self performing the Structural steel, Millwrighting, Piping, Insulation and Electrical Scopes while coordinating the additional trades required on site : Civil, Earthworks, Cleaning, Refracturing, and Labourer duties.

   A Fire Restoration was a new task for DMS as not too many companies mobilize on site days after a major fire and begin putting a once operating plant back together.  The fire covered almost 40,000 sq feet of the building on the three separate levels bringing the Amstead Rail production at the facility to a halt.  The fire destroyed the stores building that was directly adjacent to their furnaces (a major part of the production). 
   Within 51 days we had gotten the facility back into operation along with major additons to the plant bringing them up to building codes and standards. 


Project Details

Full scope of work included; Complete fire restoration of existing Amsted Rail facility, General Contractor role, Structural Steel erection and repair, Crane, Pump, Compressor, Dust Collectors, Tanks, Pressure vessel repairs and refurbishment, All electrical refurbishment of facility back to code standards, - Completion of all demo from fire as well as the resurrection of the fire damaged area (approx 20,000 sq/ft damaged area)​

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