Shane Moore
Project Manager

7 Years with DMS, Large Scale Turn-Around Projects, Greenfield Projects 

About Shane

Shane’s ability to plan and manage a project schedule is second to none. He has worked on multi-million turnaround and greenfield projects over his 7 years at DMS. This in addition to his 15 years of industry experience prior to joining the team.

Collaboration with consultants, clients, suppliers and subcontractors to prepare contracts and agreements is something he looks forward to everyday. He finds that the constant evolution of technology within the industry and opportunity to meet to clients’ requests for innovative processes allows him to constantly refine his skill set.

Shane takes pride in setting and executing goals that meet or exceed milestones within any given project. If you would like to chat about project management related systems or have a conversation about your next project, find Shane’s contact info on this page.

Contact Shane
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