Corey McNabb
Division Manager - M/W & IW

Red Seal, Journeyman, Steam Fitter, Project Manager

About Corey

Current Manager of the Millwright & Ironworker Division

Corey is a Red Seal, Journeyman Steamfitter that has been with DMS since 2004 and has over 20 years industry experience. His 5+ years as a project manager, planner, scheduler, allowed him to become the Millwright and Ironworker Division Manager.

His interest lies in troubleshooting industrial systems and finding efficient ways to get the job completed over any obstacle in his way.  A common factor with every project is Corey’s attitude, he is always excited to learn the different client processes and systems that are present on job sites.  He is able to use his experience to anticipate future challenges along a project’s lifecycle and can work with engineers to create effective plans of attack. He thrives on the feeling of crossing the finish line with the client alongside.

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