Environmental & Waste Management Objectives 

At DMS Industrial, we recognize and acknowledge the importance of environmental conservation. DMS is dedicated to protecting and preserving the environment in which we operate by conducting all aspects of our business in an environmentally responsible manner. This factors into quoting, execution, life cycle of products, and awareness of the company’s overall foot print. These principles are highlighted in the various proactive recycling initiatives and energy programs that are in place.

 The DMS Industrial fundamental objectives for the environmental initiatives are as follows:

  • Committed to operating in strict compliance with Occupational Health and safety Standards, Environmental Protection Legislation, and appropriate Federal/Provincial/Municipal laws with respect to the envrironment.
  • Committed to maintaining a comprehensive recycling program concerning production materials and materials used in facilities owned by DMS like paper, aluminum, cardboard, plastics, used steel, and other metallic components.
  • Committed to the continual improvement and prevention of pollution including an on-going and measureable reduction in our waste to landfill and increasing our recycling strategy.​
  • Committed to achieve measurable reductions in energy, water, fuel, and raw material consumption.
  • Committed to training all emloyees with respect to environmental strategies.


DMS is ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified for Environmental Management and Health/Safety Management.

Sustainability in Local Communities

In addition to the environment, DMS prides itself on working with the local communities in which our projects are located. For many projects, we build a socio-economic plan, which explores the options available to support the local community by purchasing materials locally.

As a part of our project set up and mobilization responsibilities, our project teams are required to visit the local communities and establish relationships with the local vendors. These vendors will range from tool and material suppliers, vehicle repair shops, local suppliers and courier services. At times a larger market supplier may have more aggressive pricing but saving sdo not offset the value working with local businesses and creating lasting relationships.